Types and application of fuse sockets

Publish date 2021-08-19

What are fuse sockets?

Simply put, fuse sockets they are the main component of each fuse. In order to properly secure the installation, you need to know what type of sockets you should use at the moment, so as not to expose yourself to an unplanned failure. It should also be remembered that the fuse sockets can also be found in many other places, for example inside all kinds of machines or devices. We can find them in various electrical and electronic systems, but then they must have very specific parameters and properties. They must also meet strictly defined, restrictive standards in order to be approved for use and function properly.  

InterElcom fuse holders

Fuse sockets are used to mount various types of fuses. The specification of a given fuse informs about which socket you need (horizontal, vertical, through-hole, with wires, etc.). In addition, slots also have their own attributes. Very important information is the maximum operating current (6A, 6.3A, 10A, 12A, 15A, 32A) and the maximum AC operating voltage. Offered by the company InterElcom fuse holders are RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) certified, limiting the amount of harmful substances introduced into electronic equipment. We offer various types of fuse holders, including:
  1. Fuse socket 5x20mm, 6.3A, 250Vac, horizontal PCB mounting, 2-pin P-21.8mm, with a protective cap; Elcom; RoHS
  2. Fuse socket 5x20mm, 6.3A, 250Vac, tubular, screwed, non-flammable, horizontal terminal (dismantled version); Elcom; RoHS
  3. Fuse socket 5x20mm, 6.3A, 250Vac, horizontal PCB assembly, with a remote control, 2-pin P-24.3mm, with a protective cap; Elcom; RoHS
We are convinced that you will find here suitable and high-quality fuse holders, fully compatible with your expectations and needs.

InterElcom company - professional supplier of electronic components

Our many years of experience in trading elements and electronic devices allows us to provide professional service and after-sales service. InterElcom is based on the simplification and efficiency of the entire electronics trading process so that our customers can quickly and cheaply obtain products that meet their needs. In our work, we build a wide base of contacts directly with manufacturers of components and electronic devices around the world. An expression of their trust in us is a series of distribution agreements. However, these agreements are reflected in a very wide range of, inter alia , fuse sockets . We place special emphasis on making our clients aware that InterElcom offers them the best product at a competitive price, with the shortest possible implementation time.