Why PCBs are usually green

Publish date 2023-03-06
It is worth knowing that PCBs consist of layers. The core of the plate is made of FR4 material, which is yellow. The outer protective layer – the solder mask, is designed to protect the printed circuit board from external conditions, protect the copper layer from oxidation, or prevent the formation of short-circuits, conductive bridges between the soldered surfaces. And this layer is usually green. It is a resin with the addition of colored pigments, which is usually applied with screen printing. Currently you can freely color the PCB.  Why are PCBs most often green? There are a few facts that shed light on this matter. Epoxy resin, used for the production of soldermask in the past, was green. Secondly, previously, the verification of the correctness of the printed circuit was performed visually. Specialists responsible for quality verification, many hours a day looked through the PCBs to catch any errors incorrections. Green color, thanks to its relaxing properties, has reduced their fatigue. In addition, the human eye is extremely sensitive to the frequency of waves corresponding to the green color. As a result there is a high contrast between the traces and the protective layer. The prevalence of green PCBs currently affects a more favorable price compared to those otherwise colored, and this again intensifies the popularity of green color. However, depending on your needs, you can order PCBs in any color. [caption id="attachment_80704" align="aligncenter" width="300"] PCBs in different colors. InterElcom[/caption] You can order PCB boards colored in any way In InterElcom. We design, distribute and assemble PCBs. Welcome to contact us. Learn more about PCB assembly.