Purchase of electronic components for manufacturing companies

Publish date 2021-05-28
What to do to avoid shortages? How can I minimize the risk of downtime? In today's article, we explain how to plan at the earliest stage a scenario that prevents such problems.

Choosing a competent supplier of spare parts

By preparing the demand for electronic parts, it is worth looking for a company that will supply products that it itself receives from as many suppliers as possible. This solution actually reduces the possibility of downtime resulting from the unavailability of a spare part for a given machine or device. Of course, we are not talking about components that have to be made to order. In this case, the key to success is good technical documentation of the device and its parts, which the customer should receive at the purchase stage.

Use the services of an electronic components distributor

A distributor is an enterprise that acts as an intermediary in the sale of goods between the producer and the customer. It can be a warehouse, online store, or a place like ours. It is characterized by the fact that its offer includes products from many manufacturers. Searching electronic components to companies and factories, it is worth going to the distributor - most likely you will find everything you need there. Below are some of the many advantages of supplying your businesses or investments.

Minimize initial expenses

At the prototype development stage, no wholesale purchases are needed. You can easily stock up with the distributor electronic components in retail quantities. By significantly reducing costs at this stage, you can afford to check and test more components and choose the ones that best suit your project needs.

Find the right parts

As previously mentioned, distributors offer thousands of parts from a variety of sources and manufacturers. It is worth choosing those whose manufacturer is a reliable, proven company. This reduces the possibility of a sudden stop in the production of a given part and problems with delivery. They will work best electronic components produced by two different manufacturers - if one of them runs out of parts, it will be possible to obtain them from the other.

Stock levels and delivery time

It is extremely important that most distributors have full stocks. As a result, the order fulfillment time is significantly shortened. In a situation where every minute counts, because losses are counted in hundreds of thousands, this is a great advantage. Our order fulfillment time is determined individually with the client. Feel free to contact us - we will provide professional tips and choose the best components.