Integrated voltage converters – why you should use them?

Publish date 2021-12-30
One thing that all electronic devices have in common is the need for a power source. Whether it is a rechargeable battery, line voltage or photovoltaic cells – there are plenty of choices. Although the possibilities are numerous, meeting the strict voltage and current requirements of some devices can often be a challenge. This is why voltage regulators, including converters, are used. Along with the advancement of technology, many types of such solutions have appeared on the market. Among them, there are integrated converters, which are simple to implement and ready to use power sources. In this article, we will focus primarily on the advantages that integrated voltage converters offer. We will discuss their applications and look at the features that distinguish them above other power solutions.

What is a voltage converter?

A converter is a device or system whose task is to convert voltage – to lower (step-down) or to increase (step-up) the input voltage and maintain the output voltage at a constant level. Their main advantage in comparison with other voltage control systems is high efficiency – at optimum load it can exceed 95%. The most common application of converters is to generate voltage needed for internal components of the device to operate, if the parameters of its main power source are not suitable for this. In case of devices with battery power, they also allow to compensate for gradual voltage drop associated with the cells discharging. You don't have to look far to find examples of their use – one of them is the computer right in front of you. Its power supply provides DC power at a given voltage (most desktop PC power supplies deliver multiple voltages). However, some components inside your machine require a slightly different voltage to operate – and that's where converters come in handy. They allow to generate additional power rails, which are independent of the supply voltage. Converters perform a similar function in almost all devices where voltage conversion or regulation is required. The offer of voltage converters on the market is very diverse. We can choose from many types of such devices, with various parameters and applications. In addition to general purpose components, there are also specialised products designed for a very specific application. Therefore, when choosing a converter it is worth consulting our specialists. InterElcom has wide experience in electronic components distribution and designing devices for various industries. Our specialists will be happy to advise you professionally -  contact us today!

Why choose ready-made solutions?

When building our own power supply system, it is our responsibility to select the right components. In addition to the converter IC, we may need to choose power inductors, filtering capacitors, diodes and switching transistors. All of these components must meet certain parameters in order for the converter to work properly. Choosing incorrect parts, or even the way they are arranged on the PCB may have a negative impact on the performance of the system. Using ready-made solutions instead allows us to avoid such difficulties – you are guaranteed that your circuit will work properly and maintain its parameters. In addition, the products of reputable and experienced manufacturers are built with only the highest quality components, thus ensuring reliability and long life of your power circuit. What also must be kept in mind is that the converter is exposed to interferences from the input side. Its job is to protect other device components from them. Excessive fluctuations of the input voltage may result in incorrect operation of the converter. Its failure, on the other hand, may result in damage to a number of other components in the device. Therefore, a converter should be resistant to such fluctuations and its behaviour in their presence should always be predictable. This applies in particular to converters operating at line voltage, where overvoltages, surges or dropouts often occur. That is why it is best to rely on the expertise of integrated power supply manufacturers, whose products provide adequate protection and are guaranteed to work reliably – even under the most demanding conditions. Another important aspect to consider is product certification. Specific applications require compliance with certain standards and regulations, which are necessary to bring a product to the market. These standards focus mainly on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and safety. This is another area where manufacturers' knowledge and experience prove to be particularly important. Integrated voltage converters and power supplies that are developed for particular fields come with all the necessary certifications. For this reason, they are the preferred solution in the most demanding industry sectors, including automotive and medical equipment.

PEAK integrated converters in InterElcom's offer

We are the official distributor of PEAK Electronics products. Based in Germany, this company places particular emphasis on high quality and reliability of their products. In our offer you will find a large selection of converters and integrated power supplies for a wide range of applications. Below we present selected products from our catalogue:

DC/DC converters

The PEAK PSR1-7805C converter we offer is a highly versatile power source. It features a wide input voltage range and high efficiency. It is an ideal solution in devices supplied with higher voltage, where it is necessary to generate a power rail for low-voltage logic. In addition, its small outline and compact package allows you to reduce the use of PCB space.
Symbol PSR1-7805C 
Input voltage ⎓ 8-36V DC
Output voltage ⎓ 5V DC
Output current 1000mA
Efficiency 93%
Security overcurrent and short-circuit protection

Isolated converters

For applications where galvanic isolation is required, our PEAK P10SMD-053R3E isolated converter is a perfect solution. It features a compact SMD (surface mount) package, which enables cheap and efficient machine assembly. In the table below we present its key parameters:
Symbol P10SMD-053R3E
Input voltage ⎓ 5V DC
Output voltage ⎓ 3.3V DC
Output current 446mA
Efficiency 76%
Isolation voltage 4.2kV
Safety features short-circuit protection

AC/DC Converters

In our product catalogue you will also find AC/DC converters operating at 110V or 230V mains voltage. For example, our PEAK PPM03-S-05ELF converter features a very wide input voltage range, making it an excellent choice in a wide range of applications. Its compact design makes it ideal for small mains-powered devices – including smart home devices, security systems and various types of control panels. What's more, all converters in this series feature continuous short-circuit and overvoltage protection, ensuring a high level of safety.
Symbol P10SMD-053R3E
Input voltage ⏦ 85-264V AC, ⎓ 110-370V DC
Output voltage ⎓ 5V DC
Output current 600mA
Safety features continuous short-circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection
We invite you to browse InterElcom's product catalogue – you are guaranteed to find the perfect voltage converter for your needs. We also encourage you to contact us and ask questions – we are always happy to help.