Electronics design - why specialists should take care of it?

Publish date 2021-06-17
Nowadays, the market of companies that deal with design is so large that, for many years considered much cheaper, independent designing has become absolutely unprofitable. Companies designing electronics, competing with each other, offer lower prices, better quality and faster delivery times. Why else is it worth to hand over the design of electronics to specialists who have been dealing with it for many years?

From an idea to a finished product

Before we move on to presenting the next stages of the project, we want to draw your attention to the first, key decision. It is choosing the right contractor - it is best to trust a company that has an established position on the market, crowds of satisfied customers and specialists who will cope with any challenge. InterElcom company meets each of these criteria.

Stage one - technical specification

We wrote about the importance of proper documentation in the previous post . The first step is to contact the client, during which the needs are identified and clarified. Documentation of technical requirements is prepared. It is determined exactly what functions the device is to fulfill, what are the conditions under which it will work. The appearance and functionality of the user interface are set. The scope of the project is specified. Decisions are made as to whether hardware, embedded software, desktop or mobile applications should be developed as part of the task.

Stage two - System architecture and design

This stage looks different in each project - depending on the guidelines we received from the client, further cooperation is different. Of course, a lot depends on the investor's budget. Contractual assumptions and the functionality of the project are important. We can prepare a conceptual design of the device, which will also be developed on the basis of the user interface.

Mechanical design

The next stage, after prior approval of the conceptual design, is the preparation of the mechanical design. Here, too, we have a whole spectrum of possibilities: from the 3D model of the prototype to paper documentation. If the project requires it, we conduct appropriate analyzes and tests. Each stage is handed over to the client for approval. After approval of the project, and if there was a contract for this part, we proceed to the preparation of the prototype. We will tell in detail about the production process itself in the following articles. It is important that we assemble SMT components, i.e. transistors, resistors, integrated circuits, capacitors and other components intended for surface mounting. We also deal with THT assembly, which is commonly known as through-hole assembly - we assemble components by moving their "legs" through the holes in the PCB.

Project outsourcing - advantages

The trends in the development of the architecture of modern electrical systems have changed a lot over the last five years. Currently, the most important element is the microcontroller. Therefore, a designer who prepares a PCB design must also know how to program microcontrollers. Instead of looking for such a specialist, it is best to outsource comprehensive project service to a company that has the resources and the appropriate staff - InterElcom. We will lead your project from concept, through diagram, production to testing and delivery of the assembled system.

Let's talk about money - design and prototype costs

Another important aspect is the costs of the design and the production of the prototype. By outsourcing a project to an external company, you reduce the monthly costs of hiring a designer and improving his competences. In addition, the companies implementing the projects will not only select the optimal PCB manufacturing technology, but also propose a competitive price for the individual elements used in the project.   However, the most important thing is the quality of workmanship - it will protect against many problems in the future, not only at the production stage. It is worth trusting specialists. Please do not hesitate to contact us.