Distribution of electronic components

Publish date 2021-06-30
In common opinion, Poland is a country with a high level of engineering thought and technical competence. The domestic distribution market deserves to be called mature and stable. As for relationships it is developing relatively quickly between trading companies and customers and producers. This type of activity is followed by the demand for components and the interest in entering our market by new companies. In Poland, this industry connects many companies of various sizes, domestic and foreign, many of which can boast a stable and mature position. Despite the global economic conditions and the presence of numerous foreign companies with great potential on the market, domestic companies still have their place, including in InterElcom, proving that the distribution market offers many opportunities and possibilities. InterElcom has been operating on the Polish market since 2011, its core consists of people with many years of experience in trading electronic components and devices in Poland, on European and Asian markets, and extensive competences in the field of modern electronic technologies. The task of InterElcom is to make the entire electronics trading process simpler and more effective, so that its customers can quickly and cheaply obtain products that meet their needs. In its work, the company relies on a wide base of contacts directly with manufacturers of components and electronic devices around the world. A series of distribution agreements with InterElcom are an expression of the customers' trust.

Wholesale of electronic components

InterElcom tries to treat each client individually, as they often have divergent needs. For one, the main determinant of the choice of a component or supplier is the price, for another, high technical parameters are the priority, and yet another one will focus on availability. Thanks to the direct contact of InterElcom with sales representatives or customers, the company is able to identify needs and adapt the offer to them. If the question was asked what customers expect from a distributor of electronic components, one should expect one right answer: they expect an individual approach and the ability to adapt to their unique needs.

Electronic components

Electronic components are the most important source of innovation in electronics and a tool for constructors whose sale is considered the most attractive part of electronic production supply. The use of the latest industry achievements or the use of advanced components is the goal of every designer and most production companies today. Hence, the interest in components will always be in the center of attention. This subject in Poland connects many companies of various sizes and profiles, which together form a fairly complex supply chain, competing with each other with their offer, operability, good market knowledge and business flexibility as well as close cooperation with the client. Compared to mature European markets, the structure of the supply chain in our country is much more diverse and includes more medium and small companies. This is probably a reflection of the relationship prevailing in the industry, which has not been dominated by large corporations either. Thanks to the above-mentioned diversity, a wholesale or retail customer in Poland has a much wider choice in terms of price or availability. Going further in InterElcom , he places special emphasis on ensuring that customers have a choice of electronic products made in the latest technologies. InterElcom listens to customers and takes care to meet the needs of consumers, follows trends, acquires new knowledge and implements innovative technologies.

Electronic modules

InterElcom is a stable and responsible distributor on the Polish market. Electronic modules available in the company's rich offer are used for commercial and hobby purposes, for prototype and development works and for educational purposes. The offer of sets is gradually extended, also with systems from other branches of electronics, so as to enable efficient design and construction of prototypes or devices that perform various functions.

Completion of electronic components

InterElcom has been operating on the electronics market since 2011. The company is one of the leaders among Polish distributors of electronic components. Offering its customers comprehensive solutions, it provides full assembly of electronic components for production and the supply of all necessary technological materials to ensure the proper course of production processes. When selecting components, it offers advanced support from technical advisors. InterElcom is aware of its experience that not only the good price of electronic components determines the final customer decision The assembly of electronic components in the company is based on: • offering a wide range of reputable European and Polish suppliers of electronic components and components • ensuring competitive prices • preparation of individual proposals • providing professional engineering care

Comprehensive assistance in the selection of electronic components

Thanks to professional cooperation, InterElcom wants contractors to be aware that they are getting the best product at a competitive price and in the shortest possible time. InterElcom aims to ensure that logistics, technical and commercial issues do not burden customers. The company also sets itself ambitious goals, both in terms of sales development and supply of the offered electronic components, because only in this way can you get to the top. At InterElcom, we make sure that customers have a choice of electronic products made in the latest technologies. They are listened to and made sure to meet the consumers' needs. At the same time, it follows trends, acquires new knowledge and implements innovative technologies.

The largest optoelectronics warehouse in Poland

Optoelectronics is currently one of the most dynamically developed fields of electronics. It uses solutions based on light and electrical phenomena. Broadly understood optoelectronics is the use of electronic devices and systems that acquire, detect and control light. In this context, light is also the invisible form of radiation, such as gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, and visible light. InterElcom offers a wide range of optoelectronics: LEDs, optoelectronic components and displays. The company's offer includes a wide range of renowned European and Polish component suppliers as well as small optoelectronic devices (so-called optoelectric elements): LEDs, OPTO elements and displays .

Professional selection of electronic components and InterElcom services

InterElcom mainly distributes electronic parts, but also provides a wide range of services. Specialized employees with many years of experience perform comprehensive activities - logistics, technology or commercial issues. As part of the cooperation, professional service is very important. Every day, the company takes care of the development of the services provided in electronic technology. InterElcom puts emphasis on continuous development and expanding knowledge so that customers can highly value cooperation.   InterElcom also offers customers the following services: 1. Creation of small mechanical elements. Small mechanical elements for electronic devices are created for the individual needs of customers. This scope includes: • plaques, • handles, • battery mounts, • springs. 2. Production of PCBs The InterElcom company produces PCBs. It includes the production of items such as: • PCB prototypes, • single, double and multi-layer printed circuits, • HDI circuits, - flex and rigid-flex circuits, • blind and buried vias (blind, buried vias, microvias). 3. PCB assembly InterElcom specialists offer the following range of PCB assembly: • small and medium series assembly, • assembly of prototypes (from just one piece!), • contract assembly of purchased and entrusted elements, • assembly of SMT and THT elements (surface or through-hole assembly). 4. Cutting the wires In order to meet the needs of customers, a wire and cable processing service has been introduced. In this scope, wire harnesses and individual wires are made: • chained with pins, • with connectors, • with ring terminals, • KZ, - traditionally tinned and more. 5. 3D printing 3D printing performed by InterElcom covers a working area of 400 mm x 400 mm x 450 mm. It is made in FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology. It consists in additive manufacturing, in which the layers of material are joined together in a pattern, which results in a given object. The material is usually melted just beyond its glass transition temperature and then embossed in a pattern next to or on top of previous embossments to form an object layer by layer. 6. Embedded Programming Embedded programming requires knowledge of electronics. InterElcom uses them to provide customers with support from the best specialists with extensive knowledge, not only in the field of coding, but also electronics. This connection enables programming in electronic devices. 7. Designing electronic circuits InterElcom offers the design of electronic circuits for industry and for everyday use. Specialists comprehensively deal with the implementation of such projects - from collecting the exact needs from the client, they create individual stages of the implementation of the electronic system project. In this scope, prototypes and software are made. InterElcom focuses on dynamic development, and its mission is to ensure that the quality of the services provided is always at the highest level. The company places particular emphasis on the comprehensiveness of its services, depending on the needs of customers. One of the overarching values of the company is precisely long-term relationships with customers.