Alkaline batteries versus zinc carbon batteries

Publish date 2021-07-28
Nowadays it is difficult to imagine everyday life without batteries. The market share of these portable energy sources is increasing year by year; the most popular are the alkaline and zinc-carbon models. What to pay attention to when buying? Below we present a short outline that takes into account the purpose and advantages of each type of cell.  

Alkaline and zinc-carbon - the most popular types of batteries.

Both types of batteries work well in various types of electronic equipment, e.g. cameras, flashlights, remote controls. They are also used to power industrial products, incl. meters. These models differ in the type of electrolyte, and so in the case of zinc-carbon ones, ammonium or zinc chloride is used, and in the case of alkaline ones, potassium hydroxide is used.  

What you should know about alkaline batteries and carbon-zinc batteries

The advantage of alkaline batteries is their long life as they can be up to 40 times more durable than standard batteries. Unlike conventional batteries, they leak much less frequently when exhausted. Of course, higher product quality goes hand in hand with higher price, but alkaline batteries are worth it. Buyers appreciate them, among others too high resistance to both high and low temperatures. However, it should be remembered that alkaline batteries, like other primary cells, are single-use cells. Alkaline batteries work best in devices that have a high power consumption. Thanks to alkaline batteries, we can power:
  • remote controls,
  • wireless mice and keyboards;
  • device with high power consumption, such as cameras and electric shavers;
  • toys
  Due to its high capacity, the alkaline battery is used in devices that need to be active 24 hours a day. We can often find them, among others in electronic notebooks and cordless phones. There are three most important factors to consider when purchasing alkaline batteries: performance: regular batteries are much less efficient than alkaline batteries because their energy density is lower. The best performance is always brand new batteries, not recharged using an alkaline battery charger; price: we will usually pay half the price for an alkaline battery than for a traditional battery; resistance to temperature changes: alkaline batteries are much more resistant than ordinary batteries. They can function properly at temperatures ranging from -30 to 70 ° C. Zinc-carbon batteries are characterized by a low cost of production. They are used in devices with low power consumption, such as: flashlights and toys, calculators, etc. It is the oldest type of battery that is commercially available. The main difference between the two batteries is the type of electrolyte used. In the case of zinc-carbon it is mainly ammonium chloride, and in the case of alkaline potassium hydroxide. The main advantage of zinc-carbon batteries is a very low price in relation to the quality of work. Zinc-carbon batteries, however, are characterized by much lower efficiency and are used mainly in small devices, characterized by low and irregular power consumption.

Battery models available at InterElcom

The battery offer is very diverse. In order to choose the appropriate model, it is worth considering the key parameters and power consumption of the devices. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our range, where you can find a wide selection of traditional and alkaline batteries, including:
  1. R6 / AA Zn-C battery
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