Embedded Programming

Embedded programming requires knowledge of electronics. We use them in our company, providing customers with support from the best specialists with extensive knowledge, not only in the field of coding, but also electronics. This connection enables programming in electronic devices.


Embedded programming with the current degree of digitalisation of many aspects of everyday life will only develop. Following this idea, InterElcom offers Embeddend programming services. This type of programming is used for circuit devices for industry, but also for everyday use. We offer programs for computers and mobile devices for communication with embeddend devices. We invite you to get a free project valuation.



Our services

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the services offered by Interelcom. Specialized employees with many years of experience provide a wide range of services related to electronic products. Comprehensive operation – logistics, technology or commercial issues remain with InterElcom. As part of the cooperation, professional service is very important to us. Every day we take care of the development of the activities we provide in electronic technology. InterElcom puts emphasis on continuous development and expanding knowledge so that customers can highly appreciate the cooperation. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the portfolio of our services in the field of modern electronic technologies.

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