PCB manufacturing

As we prioritize the quality of our produced PCBs, we collaborate with reputable suppliers. We manufacture prototypes, HDI circuits, multilayer printing, and more.

ENIG and Hard Gold plating

It's also possible to choose gold plating - ENIG - Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold - nickel-plated with a gold layer, or Hard Gold. Additionally, we offer special pad coatings, such as peelable masks.

Tin pad coating

PCB manufacturing by InterElcom also includes tin pad coating. The method used for this purpose is HASL LF (Hot Air Solder Leveling Lead-Free), which involves lead-free soldering using hot air.

Wide range of substrates

We also offer a wide selection of substrates such as FR4, CEM, and ALU, as well as various colors of solder masks and descripton.