PCB assembly

Among our services, InterElcom offers PCB assembly - both SMD and THT. We provide: low to medium volume assembly, prototype assembly (starting from just one piece!), contract assembly of purchased or provided components, SMT and THT component assembly (surface mount or through-hole assembly).

If you are interested in our service, feel free to contact us.

We undertake projects of various scales

We undertake projects of various scales, including small production runs. Regardless of the volume of the project commissioned to us, we offer competitive prices. If you are interested in prototyping your own device, we invite you to collaborate with us.

SMT assembly line

The Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly line is used for precise and efficient assembly of PCBs. The line consists of two modern Pick & Place machines, a semi-automatic screen printer, a modern reflow oven, and a PCB unloader.

We also perform Through-Hole Technology (THT) assembly

We have a team of experienced specialists in Through-Hole Technology (THT) assembly, which is a proven and precise method of mounting electronic components on PCBs.