We invite you to the exhibition

The distributor of electronic components InterElcom invites you to the exhibition OK! art. at the City Gallery in Wrocław, lasting until Saturday, 23/10/2021.

InterElcom is made up of a team of experienced specialists, the best in the industry of distribution, design and assembly of electronic components.

We value our associates for their enormous knowledge and commitment, but also the passions that they share with us and in which we have a chance to participate. At InterElcom, we believe in the development of the organization not only in terms of business. Every day we try to work in the spirit of work-life balance, look for opportunities to support interesting initiatives – both sports, artistic and volunteering.

One of the initiatives we would like to proudly tell you about is the exhibition OK! art. The vernissage is documentary and artistic in nature, allowing the viewer to discover the character and activities of the OK! art. founded by Mariusz Mikołajek, Witold Liszkowski and Jan Mikołajek. The exhibits presented at the exhibition are both the result of the artistic activities of the three founders (individual and created during numerous joint activities with other artists) as well as a record of almost ten years of the foundation’s activity. Archival materials such as photos, films or exhibits will allow us to get to know a bit of history and see how Wrocław’s OK! art functioned “backwards” for almost a decade.

You can read more about the exhibition here: https://galeriamiejska.pl/ok- art /

It is a great pleasure for us to both participate in and patronage over cultural and sports events. One of the most important values in our organization is the customer. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality services and products, help and support in the technical and business fields. Our mission is to act for the development of the environment and many aspects of the environment in which our client functions. At InterElcom, we try to effectively combine these three elements in our daily work.


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We are relocating

We would like to inform you that from 03/01/2022 our company InterElcom operates at a new address – ul. Krzemieniecka 50a, 54-613 Wrocław.

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