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Ventilation cable glands – new in InterElcom's offer!

Publish date 2021-12-27
A new category has appeared in our product catalogue – ventilation cable glands! These innovative elements make it possible to seal and secure the cable passage points through the device casing, while allowing pressure equalization on both sides of the enclosure. Professional appearance and easy installation are the reasons to choose cable glands offered by InterElcom!

What are ventilation cable glands?

Temperature fluctuations as well as changes in altitude can cause pressure differences inside and outside the housing. This can result in moisture entering inside and, in extreme cases, damage to the device. For this reason, it is necessary to balance the pressure inside the enclosure. Ventilated cable glands make that possible. Ventilation cable glands have a dual function. In addition to sealing cable entry points, they are also responsible for pressure equalization inside and outside the enclosure while remaining water- and dust-proof. It is possible thanks to a small vent with a filtering membrane, usually made of PTFE (known by the trade name Teflon). It allows a small amount of air flow – just enough to balance the pressure on both sides. It also blocks the penetration of moisture and dust into the housing. Air permeability is specified in liters per hour (l/h) or milliliters per minute (ml/min) at a given pressure difference.

Explore our offer of cable glands

InterElcom offers a wide range of accessories for enclosures and cables, including cable glands and grommets. An excellent example is the IE-M16-10-B (IP68) VENT ventilation cable gland, providing a high level of protection against dust and moisture ingress. Its parameters are presented in the table below:
Product name IE-M16-10-B (IP68) VENT
Thread dimensions M16×1.5
Thread length 10mm
Cable diameter 6-10mm
Color black (RAL9005)
Ingress protection IP68
Air permeability 0.8ml/min (ΔP=7bpa)
Feel free to browse through our product catalogue. In case of any questions, please contact us via the contact form on our website!