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New, miniature relays with a sealed housing offered by InterElcom

Publish date 2022-01-26
A new type of power relays from the manufacturer Qunying Relays has appeared in the InterElcom product catalog. These relays are characterized primarily by a compact design and small dimensions, allowing installation even in a very limited space. Another of the key features of these components is a sealed housing - thanks to it, we do not have to worry about the penetration of fluxes or other types of impurities into it. It also allows you to wash and clean the plate without damaging the components. In each of the series of relays we offer, various variants are also available - we can choose from various operating voltages (5V, 12V or 24VDC), as well as various configurations of contacts and leads. Particularly noteworthy is the QY115F series of relays, which, despite their small size, are capable of switching very high powers. They are perfect for heating control systems and other types of control devices. Below are the parameters of the QY115F-2-024DC-ZS relay:
Symbol QY115F-2-024DC-ZS
Type Electromagnetic relay, sealed
Housing dimensions 29.0 × 12.7 × 15.7mm
Coil voltage 24VDC
Coil power consumption 0.40W
Maximum switching voltage 250VAC / 30VDC
Maximum switching current 16A
Contact resistance ≤ 50mΩ
Insulation voltage 5kV
In the InterElcom product catalog you will also find super-compact QY23 series relays, the dimensions of which are only 12.3 × 7.4 × 10.1mm. Extremely compact housing allows them to be used in compact systems, where every cubic millimeter of space counts. They are also characterized by a long service life, which is due to contacts made of silver alloy. For example, in the table below we present a summary of the most important parameters of the QY23-012DC-ZSL relay:
Symbol QY23-012DC-ZSL
Type Miniature electromagnetic relay
Housing dimensions 12.3 × 7.4 × 10.1mm
Coil voltage 12VDC
Maximum switching voltage 125VAC / 30VDC
Maximum switching current 2A
Contact resistance ≤ 100mΩ
Switching time ≤ 5ms
Insulation voltage 1000V
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of relays offered by InterElcom. If you have any questions, please use the contact form on our website.