New cable glands in the InterElcom offer

Publish date 2020-12-02
Over twenty high-quality products available in various sizes and colors.

What are cable glands?

Cable glands are mechanical components. Thanks to them, the wires that pass through the housing of electrical equipment are sealed. Moreover, plastic cable glands provide additional support for the cable and prevent it from twisting. They are characterized by simple installation. They will effectively stop the cable from tearing off, and will also be a kind of protection against sharp fragments of the housing.

InterElcom cable glands

The following cable glands have appeared in InterElcom's offer:
  • with a metric thread diameter from 10 to 20 mm,
  • with a range of wires from 2-5 mm, even up to 18-25 mm,
  • in black or gray,
  • with or without a nut.

The use of cable glands

Stuffing boxes can be used for:
  • lighting,
  • regulators in ventilation systems,
  • alarm control panels,
  • furnace controllers,
  • temperature sensors,
  • gas detectors,
  • LED displays,
  • large screens,
  • external enclosures.

Special features of glands in the InterElcom offer

Cable glands in the InterElcom offer are made of nylon (PA66) or brass. As already mentioned, it is possible to choose the outer diameter of the conduit. Each of the glands has an IP68 protection class and is characterized by the UL94V-2 flammability class. Those made of nylon can be used at temperatures of -40 ÷ 100 ° C, and those made of brass at -40 ÷ 120 ° C. There is a choice of RAL color. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full InterElcom offer for cable glands. If the offer does not have specific products, please contact us to find a suitable solution together. Here is a symbol list of our exact products in this category: 0006166 IE-M10-7 / 140-B 0006237 IE-M12-6-B (IP68) 0006200 IE-M12-6-G (IP68) 0006238 IE-M16-8-B (IP68) 0006201 IE-M16-8-G (IP68) 0006239 IE-M20-12-B (IP68) 0006223 IE-PG07-5-G (IP68) 0006227 IE-PG07-6-B (IP68) 0006183 IE-PG07-6-G (IP68) 0006225 IE-PG09-8-B (IP68) 0006090 IE-PG09-8-G (IP68) 0006182 IE-PG11-10-G (IP68) 0006230 IE-PG13.5-12-B (IP68) 0006181 IE-PG13.5-12-G (IP68) 0006231 IE-PG16-14-B (IP68) 0006202 IE-M20-12-G (IP68) 0006226 IE-PG07-5-B (IP68) 0006229 IE-PG11-10-B (IP68) 0006184 IE-PG16-14-G (IP68) 0006187 IE-PG21-18-G (IP68) 0006190 IE-PG29-25-G (IP68)