InterElcom supports SPR BÓR

InterElcom continued its cooperation with the Bór Oborniki Śląskie Handball Association with great pleasure.


Christmas and the upcoming beginning of the New Year are a time of summing up, celebrating together in the company of loved ones and celebrating. The year 2021 was exceptional for InterElcom, the company was developing not only in terms of business, but also engaged in non-business activities. In the past year, InterElcom with great pleasure continued cooperation with the Bór Oborniki Śląskie Handball Association, which supports the development of young talents of Lower Silesia handball with its activities. It is an initiative that is becoming more and more successful every year and spreads the popularity of sport among children, adolescents and adults.

SPR BÓR-JOYNEXT Oborniki Śląskie is also a great senior team. InterElcom derives great joy from observing the development of the Association and the better and better achievements of both children, youth and the senior team. In the run-up to Christmas, SPR BÓR organized a Christmas gala during which they expressed their thanks for the support received from partners and sponsors in 2021 and the preceding years, including InterElcom.

As a token of gratitude, SPR BÓR Oborniki Śląskie handed over to the Management Board a commemorative card with best Christmas wishes. On behalf of the entire InterElcom team, we wish all those involved in the operation and development of the Bór Oborniki Śląskie Handball Association all the best for the coming year. Many successes, victories and constant motivation to work.



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